Appreciating Education

recite-3svh9zThere are times I think the world is too convenient. Many things are geared towards the quick fix and convenience, such as microwaves, fast food, lose weight in 30 days, drive through pharmacy, GPS, texting, and shopping online. At times these conveniences reduce our creativity, physical activity, face-to-face interaction and developing relationships. On the other hand, some conveniences can make life easier and goals more attainable.

Shinning A Light on Education

I recently watched a great documentary on Netflix called “On the Way to School.” The documentary filmed children in four different countries journeying their way to school. Their journey time ranged from 1 hour 15 minutes to 4 hours. Some of the challenges they faced included avoiding elephants in Kenya and navigating the mountains in Morocco. I was thankful to be exposed to a different type of challenge some children face in order to obtain an education.

After watching the documentary I began to reflect on my own education. I recognized  I have been blessed with an education and the convenience of traveling either by car or public transport to school, college and, university. I developed a deeper gratitude for my educational opportunities and the support I received from my family and friends throughout my education. Additionally, I thought about people who have access to great educational opportunities but due to various reasons they have not capitalized on this opportunity.  I became somewhat disappointed and disheartened. I am aware that everyone cannot genuinely attend school maybe because they have to work for their family, their parent/s do not value education, or have personal challenges with education. However, there are many people who are smart and simply think education’s a waste of time and do not realize the value of their educational opportunities. I wonder how people would change if they watched this documentary and saw not only the journey the children faced but the way they supported each other on the journey, the love, concern and encouragement. Education is not for everyone but basic fundamentals as reading and writing are vital. I decided to share gratitude for my education.

Appreciating Education

I am thankful for family members who support and encourage my education.

I am thankful my grandmother was a teacher, which allowed her to help me start reading and writing at a young age.

I am thankful that my love for reading and researching has expanded my knowledge and understanding.

I am thankful for the words of wisdom my parents gave to continue studying my books.

I am thankful my mother made me attend Saturday school to enhance my knowledge.

I am thankful for the homework books my mum gave me in primary school, even though they did not give home in primary school my mother always made sure I had homework. As much as I thought it was unfair, I recognize the benefits and her efforts, therefore, I am very thankful.

I am thankful for a free education from primary school all the way to university.

I am thankful that I experienced a safe journey to school, college and, university.

I am thankful that my mother worked a short distance from my primary school so I could walk there safely in 10 minutes.

Educational Viewpoint

As you can image I truly value education, it is important. Yet at times I have taken it for granted. I have focused on the debt I have incurred from some of my education, even though it is nothing compared to what some people have, complained about study time, reading and writing papers. I know if I focused on the list above I would increase my gratitude for my educational opportunities.

I encourage you  to make a list of gratitude for your educational opportunities, whether your are in or out of school. Notice how your education viewpoint changes and the road seems clear in terms of obtaining your goals.