Simplifying My life with Project 333


It started with Minimalism

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism which definitely deserves a standing ovation. The documentary focuses on living a more meaningful life with less possessions and consciously choosing possessions we really need instead of what we want or see other people possessing. Through living a life of minimalism we can have more freedom and more happiness. This is opposite to the current cultural belief that having more material possessions will make us happy. The drive to happiness leads us to buy more things but does not  often result in happiness.

I totally resonated with this documentary and minimalism. From my own life experiences I know more possessions do not make me happier. I have set many goals in my life or have found my self saying when I make this amount of money or reach this goal my life will be so much more better, yet I was still not happy when I achieved my personal life goals. I began to accept and understand why happiness is not obtainable through goals and material possessions.

Why Happiness is Not Obtainable Through Goals & Material Possessions

Happiness is a feeling. Our feelings change moment by moment and we will always experience a variety of feelings. Therefore, we will not be happy all the time. Even when you have a six figure salary, get married, travel the world, or buy a house, you are STILL going to experience sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, frustration etc.  Continue reading

Scars: Victim or Victor?

When I saw the word Scars as the WordPress daily prompt, I thought “what scars do I have on my body”? I drew a blank. However, I remembered the scar on one of sister’s eyebrow. I remember her falling on a bike when she was around 3  or 4 years old, I even remember the blood pouring from the wound. Her scar has faded over the years but it is still there.
My mind then went back to my own sacrs. Yet it was not my physical but my emotional scars that came to mind. You see I remember my sister’s fall and I am now  cautious of  young children falling and getting hurt. I also do not like the sight of blood. Likewise my emotional scars run deep in my  unconscious and conscious mind.

For instances I know the consequences of experiencing rejection, such as loneliness, fear, hurt, anger, disconnection, low self-esteem, and even comprising myself to be accepted and loved and then despising myself  after comprising. As a result, I battle with perfectionism. Believing if I am perfect no one will reject me and I will not experience the pain of rejection again.

This thought process seems logical but  it is impossible because I am not perfect. No one is perfect. I am beginning to recognize and accept that I am deeply loved despite my imperfections.

I choose  to accept and love myself as I am today! I choose to accept that  I will face rejection but  I also choose  not to lose my sense of self in the process. I choose  to be authentic to help heal my emotional scars and be the treasure God created me to be.

What emotional scars require attention and healing in your life?

Are you Living in Your Daily Purpose?

recite-18ygwotI was reading a devotional today that was encouraging people to remember God has a BIG purpose for their life. After reading the devotional, I thought to myself, it is always good to be reminded of our purpose but what is a BIG purpose? Are we to differentiate between a big and little purpose? Purpose is purpose right?

This then led me to think about my own life and how I often focus purpose as an end goal and forget that purpose is a journey, everyday I am living God’s purpose. The fact that I am alive and breathing is purpose, leading to more and more purpose. Even my mistakes have a purpose, while they may not have been God’s plan, mistakes still have purpose.

You may never fully know how your life has been or is purposeful for others. I want you to know that every breath you take is for a purpose. You choose if you want to live for the goal of the Big purpose or live in the purpose of today.

Embracing Being Uncomfortable in the Transition Process

Transition is a process, where there are good, bad, and questionable moments. Nonetheless, once you reach the other side of your transition, you are thankful you continued. This video is an encouragement for those who are feeling uncomfortable during their transition.


I Feel Alive

I feel alive are the inspiring words to a song called “God’s Great Dance Floor” by Chris Tomlin. This song truly represents not only what I am feeling but what I believe.

I feel alive because I am breaking free from the barriers of perfectionism. I feel alive because I am becoming comfortable with my imperfections. I feel alive because I do not have to fit someone’s else’s ideal and standard. I feel alive because God Loves me in ways I cannot image. I feel alive because I can share my challenges and inspire others. I feel alive because God’s  Love keeps we safe while I am jumping of a cliff and embracing my imperfections.

Today my boss text me and informed me an y team that we will have a paid day off next week. I was so excited that I posted this photo clip below. It was a first taste of embracing my imperfections and being really free because I did not look perfect by my standards. I was so full of joy and feeling alive that I did not care.

My question is do you feel truly alive? If you do that is amazing! If not then what is stopping you?