Simplifying My life with Project 333


It started with Minimalism

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism which definitely deserves a standing ovation. The documentary focuses on living a more meaningful life with less possessions and consciously choosing possessions we really need instead of what we want or see other people possessing. Through living a life of minimalism we can have more freedom and more happiness. This is opposite to the current cultural belief that having more material possessions will make us happy. The drive to happiness leads us to buy more things but does not  often result in happiness.

I totally resonated with this documentary and minimalism. From my own life experiences I know more possessions do not make me happier. I have set many goals in my life or have found my self saying when I make this amount of money or reach this goal my life will be so much more better, yet I was still not happy when I achieved my personal life goals. I began to accept and understand why happiness is not obtainable through goals and material possessions.

Why Happiness is Not Obtainable Through Goals & Material Possessions

Happiness is a feeling. Our feelings change moment by moment and we will always experience a variety of feelings. Therefore, we will not be happy all the time. Even when you have a six figure salary, get married, travel the world, or buy a house, you are STILL going to experience sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, frustration etc.  Continue reading

Scars: Victim or Victor?

When I saw the word Scars as the WordPress daily prompt, I thought “what scars do I have on my body”? I drew a blank. However, I remembered the scar on one of sister’s eyebrow. I remember her falling on a bike when she was around 3  or 4 years old, I even remember the blood pouring from the wound. Her scar has faded over the years but it is still there.
My mind then went back to my own sacrs. Yet it was not my physical but my emotional scars that came to mind. You see I remember my sister’s fall and I am now  cautious of  young children falling and getting hurt. I also do not like the sight of blood. Likewise my emotional scars run deep in my  unconscious and conscious mind.

For instances I know the consequences of experiencing rejection, such as loneliness, fear, hurt, anger, disconnection, low self-esteem, and even comprising myself to be accepted and loved and then despising myself  after comprising. As a result, I battle with perfectionism. Believing if I am perfect no one will reject me and I will not experience the pain of rejection again.

This thought process seems logical but  it is impossible because I am not perfect. No one is perfect. I am beginning to recognize and accept that I am deeply loved despite my imperfections.

I choose  to accept and love myself as I am today! I choose to accept that  I will face rejection but  I also choose  not to lose my sense of self in the process. I choose  to be authentic to help heal my emotional scars and be the treasure God created me to be.

What emotional scars require attention and healing in your life?

Last Week … I was reminded of the difficulties of being a teenager


This particular post is for those 20 and above. However, if you are reading this post and you are in your teenager  I want to you to know,I hear you and see you. If you are younger than 13 and reading this post… If possible enjoy your childhood.

Oh how easy we can forget our teenage years and be quick to judge teenagers today.How many times have you said teenagers are out of control, rude, disrespectful, selfish, rebellious or selfish. What about the time you entered into an establishment with a bunch of loud  teenagers and walked right back  out? “The music makes no sense,” “the clothes are too tight, wrong color, or too baggy.” Whilst  we have every right to voice out concerns and opinions, we cannot forget that we too were once a teenager.

Being a teenager in this generation is not easy. I remember,trying to figure  out what I wanted to do with my life, insecurities, fears, wanting to fit in at school and be liked. It was rough.Today’s  generations has to face all the same issues with the added challenge of social media.  Not only do they want to be liked by their peers in the classroom but they want to be liked by their peers throughout the world. Being bullied or betrayed is hurtful  but even more devastating when it is happens on social media.

Teenagers are smart and they are the next generation. Words of encouragement and understanding go a long way giving them hope for their future. Let’s give the teenagers a break sometimes. Remember when You were that age and the annoying things you did. Remember they are trying to find their identity in the midst of all their hormones raging.

I am going to make more of an effort to acknowledge the difficulties  teenagers face through giving then words of encouragement and hope. How can you positively impact the next generation?

The Perfect Father

Bianca Kesha - The Perfect Father

No human is perfect. As much as we strive for perfection in ourselves and seek perfection in others, we all make mistakes and have flaws. This includes our parent(s)/caregiver(s). As children we viewed our parent(s)/caregiver(s) as roles models, heroes, protectors, carers, wise, and at times perfect or invincible. As children we might have believed it was impossible for our parent(s)/caregiver(s) to hurt us. However, I am sure for those reading this you have experienced hurt, disappointment, rejection, abandonment, and other painful feelings from your parent(s)/caregiver(s), whether it was intentional or unintentionally. This occurs because their imperfect not because you are unloveable or they lack love for you.

 As we grow older we make our own mistakes and recognize our own flaws. As a result, we realize that our parent/caregiver are not perfect. Our interaction changes  with our parent(s)/caregiver(s) and we recognize they cannot give us everything we need. However, we can appreciate them for who they are and the gift they have been in our lives.

 Thankfully we have a perfect Heavenly Father who meets all our needs and is ALWAYS available, showering us with unfailing LOVE, GOODNESS and protecting us from harm. This view of God might be a hard pill to swallow, if you have viewed God as angry and one who punishes. I would like you to ponder this thought. With all the wrong you have done in your life and to others, if God was a punishing angry God surely you will be experiencing total unhappiness and misfortune in your life. If you are reading this you are blessed with the ability to read and have access to a computer. Does that sound like a punishing angry God, knowing the things that you have done in your life?

 Below I have written a few statements along with bibles verses highlighting God’s love for his children and his characteristics. Maybe you need a reminder of his love, maybe you heart will soften, or maybe you will share this with a loved one. Whatever the reason I know you will be changed either today or in the future. I hope this provides you with further strength encouragement, and hope.


Bianca Continue reading

The Importance of Saying “No”

Setting Boundaries can sometimes be scary, especially with people we are close to or when we want to be accepted. Saying “No” is a boundary that is difficult for people for various reasons. In my life the inability to say “No” at crucial moments have caused me to remain in bondage to an individual, group, a job, or even lose respect for myself.

This video is for those who fear rejection when setting boundaries or telling people “No”. This video is also for people who experience feelings of guilt and shame or view themselves as selfish when they say ‘No”.



Appreciating Education

recite-3svh9zThere are times I think the world is too convenient. Many things are geared towards the quick fix and convenience, such as microwaves, fast food, lose weight in 30 days, drive through pharmacy, GPS, texting, and shopping online. At times these conveniences reduce our creativity, physical activity, face-to-face interaction and developing relationships. On the other hand, some conveniences can make life easier and goals more attainable.

Shinning A Light on Education

I recently watched a great documentary on Netflix called “On the Way to School.” The documentary filmed children in four different countries journeying their way to school. Their journey time ranged from 1 hour 15 minutes to 4 hours. Some of the challenges they faced included avoiding elephants in Kenya and navigating the mountains in Morocco. I was thankful to be exposed to a different type of challenge some children face in order to obtain an education.

After watching the documentary I began to reflect on my own education. I recognized  I have been blessed with an education and the convenience of traveling either by car or public transport to school, college and, university. I developed a deeper gratitude for my educational opportunities and the support I received from my family and friends throughout my education. Additionally, I thought about people who have access to great educational opportunities but due to various reasons they have not capitalized on this opportunity.  I became somewhat disappointed and disheartened. I am aware that everyone cannot genuinely attend school maybe because they have to work for their family, their parent/s do not value education, or have personal challenges with education. However, there are many people who are smart and simply think education’s a waste of time and do not realize the value of their educational opportunities. I wonder how people would change if they watched this documentary and saw not only the journey the children faced but the way they supported each other on the journey, the love, concern and encouragement. Education is not for everyone but basic fundamentals as reading and writing are vital. I decided to share gratitude for my education.

Appreciating Education

I am thankful for family members who support and encourage my education.

I am thankful my grandmother was a teacher, which allowed her to help me start reading and writing at a young age.

I am thankful that my love for reading and researching has expanded my knowledge and understanding.

I am thankful for the words of wisdom my parents gave to continue studying my books.

I am thankful my mother made me attend Saturday school to enhance my knowledge.

I am thankful for the homework books my mum gave me in primary school, even though they did not give home in primary school my mother always made sure I had homework. As much as I thought it was unfair, I recognize the benefits and her efforts, therefore, I am very thankful.

I am thankful for a free education from primary school all the way to university.

I am thankful that I experienced a safe journey to school, college and, university.

I am thankful that my mother worked a short distance from my primary school so I could walk there safely in 10 minutes.

Educational Viewpoint

As you can image I truly value education, it is important. Yet at times I have taken it for granted. I have focused on the debt I have incurred from some of my education, even though it is nothing compared to what some people have, complained about study time, reading and writing papers. I know if I focused on the list above I would increase my gratitude for my educational opportunities.

I encourage you  to make a list of gratitude for your educational opportunities, whether your are in or out of school. Notice how your education viewpoint changes and the road seems clear in terms of obtaining your goals.

Are you Living in Your Daily Purpose?

recite-18ygwotI was reading a devotional today that was encouraging people to remember God has a BIG purpose for their life. After reading the devotional, I thought to myself, it is always good to be reminded of our purpose but what is a BIG purpose? Are we to differentiate between a big and little purpose? Purpose is purpose right?

This then led me to think about my own life and how I often focus purpose as an end goal and forget that purpose is a journey, everyday I am living God’s purpose. The fact that I am alive and breathing is purpose, leading to more and more purpose. Even my mistakes have a purpose, while they may not have been God’s plan, mistakes still have purpose.

You may never fully know how your life has been or is purposeful for others. I want you to know that every breath you take is for a purpose. You choose if you want to live for the goal of the Big purpose or live in the purpose of today.