Simplifying My life with Project 333


It started with Minimalism

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism which definitely deserves a standing ovation. The documentary focuses on living a more meaningful life with less possessions and consciously choosing possessions we really need instead of what we want or see other people possessing. Through living a life of minimalism we can have more freedom and more happiness. This is opposite to the current cultural belief that having more material possessions will make us happy. The drive to happiness leads us to buy more things but does not  often result in happiness.

I totally resonated with this documentary and minimalism. From my own life experiences I know more possessions do not make me happier. I have set many goals in my life or have found my self saying when I make this amount of money or reach this goal my life will be so much more better, yet I was still not happy when I achieved my personal life goals. I began to accept and understand why happiness is not obtainable through goals and material possessions.

Why Happiness is Not Obtainable Through Goals & Material Possessions

Happiness is a feeling. Our feelings change moment by moment and we will always experience a variety of feelings. Therefore, we will not be happy all the time. Even when you have a six figure salary, get married, travel the world, or buy a house, you are STILL going to experience sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, frustration etc. 

As an Associate Professional Counselor I often hear clients talk about their desire for happiness being their main life focus. I encourage my clients and remind myself  to choose happiness  moment by moment, day by day, which starts today. We have to choose to be content with where we are today and with our possessions. If we are not content today we will not be content in the future.

I personally have found my true joy and contentment in Jesus and the unconditional love God has for me. I believe we often try to fit our God sized hole with material possessions and we become easily dissatisfied because only God can fulfill our God sized hole. However, the media consistently sends us visual images of possessions that will change our lives and makes us happy. Hence I totally understand how we can become caught into the belief that possessions equal happiness.  The more I focus on social media, advertisements and filling my life with material possessions the further I am away from God . Likewise the more I focus on God the less I am influenced by social media and advertisements to increase my material possessions . Not saying anything is wrong with having possessions but  what we believe about having material possessions.

What is Project 333 & Why Project 333

So back to Project 333. The documentary included an interview with Courtney Caver  who has learned to simplify her life by minimizing her wardrobe every three months which she calls Project 333 . The project involves choosing 33 items of clothing, shoes and accessories (not including underwear, sleep wear, house wear or workout clothes) to wear for three months. After watching the documentary I have decided to attempt Project 333. I began to get excited along  with some fears of how I could possible do this  and would it work? Then I said to myself “well there is no harm in trying, it is better to try then not try at all”.

I also wondered why I was so excited about Project 333. I realized I enjoy removing extra baggage from my life. I know there are great benefits emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically when you remove extra baggage. These benefits include being thankful, less stressed, being more present along with enjoying my life with myself and others. Additionally, as an Associate Professional Counselor I help people remove emotional baggage from their life and I often witness the heavy burdens being lifted from their life  and replaced with freedom and joy.

Removing Extra Baggage

You maybe thinking, “what does removing baggage have to do with Project 333?”, well part of the project includes removing all clothes from your wardrobe onto you bed and sorting them into  four piles 1) Love, 2)Maybe, 3) Donate, and 4) Trash . The love  items I will definitely keep and the maybe items I will put away for 3-6 months and see if I need them. From the love pile I will choose my 33 items (full instructions for cleaning out your wardrobe). Through this exercise I will see how many things I am holding onto that I did not need. Whilst I often clean out my wardrobe, I have never taken everything out and put them into piles, so this will be a great new exercise. As I write this blog I am out-of-town so I have a few days before I start this project, you are welcome to join me if you like. I will be cleaning out my wardrobe this week and starting Project 333 on January 1st, 2017.

I will be posting weekly blogs of my progress and outfits. This will also hold me accountable for getting back into writing in my blog. Let me know if you are on board and what you do to simplify your life?

2 thoughts on “Simplifying My life with Project 333

  1. Wow so impact-full. you’re truly anointed!!! This post exposes my life in so many ways prior to taking Christ “seriously” on an intimate level. I personally had a check list that I thought needed to be fulfilled in order to obtain true happiness. Not only did I not receive it (as described in this post), I felt as if the list continued to grow, causing me to feel as if a true sense of professional and social contentment was an impossible race to finish. I was in a hamster wheel. I never watched minimalist before, but will do so now. Thanks!!!


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