Scars: Victim or Victor?

When I saw the word Scars as the WordPress daily prompt, I thought “what scars do I have on my body”? I drew a blank. However, I remembered the scar on one of sister’s eyebrow. I remember her falling on a bike when she was around 3  or 4 years old, I even remember the blood pouring from the wound. Her scar has faded over the years but it is still there.
My mind then went back to my own sacrs. Yet it was not my physical but my emotional scars that came to mind. You see I remember my sister’s fall and I am now  cautious of  young children falling and getting hurt. I also do not like the sight of blood. Likewise my emotional scars run deep in my  unconscious and conscious mind.

For instances I know the consequences of experiencing rejection, such as loneliness, fear, hurt, anger, disconnection, low self-esteem, and even comprising myself to be accepted and loved and then despising myself  after comprising. As a result, I battle with perfectionism. Believing if I am perfect no one will reject me and I will not experience the pain of rejection again.

This thought process seems logical but  it is impossible because I am not perfect. No one is perfect. I am beginning to recognize and accept that I am deeply loved despite my imperfections.

I choose  to accept and love myself as I am today! I choose to accept that  I will face rejection but  I also choose  not to lose my sense of self in the process. I choose  to be authentic to help heal my emotional scars and be the treasure God created me to be.

What emotional scars require attention and healing in your life?

2 thoughts on “Scars: Victim or Victor?

  1. I realized recently that I “bottle up” feelings because of emotional scars. When my parents divorced when I was a kid, I thought, that if I could be a “perfect kid” – not bothering them with any of my problems – then maybe things would work out. I know now, like you said, that being perfect is impossible, and that I have to be authentic, and embrace who I am and how I feel. If I don’t then I won’t be able to experience true intimacy with my husband and close friends because I’m closed off emotionally and trying to project perfect emotional reactions on the outside. Thank you for your transparency and authenticity in this article. Truly beautiful to know that we don’t walk alone in this journey of love and acceptance.

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